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COVID-19 Infectious Control

Screen/Monitor COVID-19:

Travel Screening:

Upon the onset of the academic year, health and travel declaration forms will be collected from all students and staff.


Daily screening before attending school:

Passive Screening: Parents should screen students daily prior to attending school. (Check temperature to ensure it is below 37.5 degrees Celsius, and observe for symptoms outlined by public health officials).

Keep students at home if they have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or if they have had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19.

Daily Screening upon arrival:

Active Screening for COVID-19 symptoms will occur daily as students, staff, teachers, and visitors enter campus and/or buses. The screening measures are consistent with public health guidance, which includes visual wellness checks and temperature checks with thermal cameras. Students, teachers, staff and visitors will be asked about COVID-19 symptoms within the last 24 hours and whether anyone in their home has had COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test.


Contract Tracing:

Contact tracing is the process of identifying, assessing, and managing people who have been exposed to a disease to prevent onward transmission. When systematically applied, contact tracing will break the chains of transmission of COVID-19 and is an essential public health tool for controlling the virus. SAIS Dubai will use RFID Smart Pass technology to actively monitor and collect data regarding potential COVID- 19 exposure.

Identify/Isolate COVID-19:

What will happen if a student demonstrates symptoms of COVID 19 while at school?

  1. The student will be isolated instantly in the isolation room.

  2. The parent/ guardian of the student will be notified immediately.

  3. The patient will be referred to the hospital to take the necessary action.

  4. The child will be held in the isolation room until the parent/guardian arrives for pick up.

  5. The parent will not be allowed to enter the facility to pick up the child.

  6. The school nurse, while wearing identified PPE, will escort the student to their parent’s/Guardian’s transport.

  7. If needed, the school will transport the patient to their residence or hospital, following the mandatory safety guidelines.

  8. The student, staff or teacher must immediately present a certified COVID-19 test to the school.

Investigate/Diagnose COVID-19:

What are the protocols for a NEGATIVE or POSITIVE test result?

Negative COVID-19 Test Result:

In a clinical assessment of a probable COVID-19 case, the patient should complete a 10-day quarantine.

In a clinical assessment for a nonprobable case, the patient can resume schooling so long as they are symptom-free.

The patient must present a clearance certificate by DHA prior to returning to the facility.


Positive COVID -19 Test Result:

Traced Contacts: Notifications will be sent to any student, staff, and/or teacher who spent more than 15 minutes in the proximity of 2-meters from the day of symptoms onset, or the day of the positive PCR test.

10-days quarantine counted PCR from the day of the positive test, or from the day of the onset of symptoms if ascertained by the clinician.

The patient must present a clearance certificate by DHA prior to returning to the facility.

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