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Mission, Vision, Values, and Motto

School Mission

To provide an internationally recognized American curriculum based on Common Core State Standards/CCSS, Next Generation Science Standards/NGSS, and California State Education Framework. SAIS-D strives for excellence and innovation in education and is committed to preparing students, both academically and socially, to be creative problem solvers and career and college ready. SAIS-D appreciates the cultural diversity of its multilingual community and instills a culture of mutual understanding and international mindedness that empowers students to be passionate, innovative, and productive citizens in an ever-changing global society while embracing the cultural values, beliefs, and aspirations of the UAE.

School Vision

As a member of the SAIS Group of schools, our Vision is to be well recognized internationally and fully trusted locally.

We will be well recognized internationally for:

  1. Delivering measurable and bench-marked outcomes.

  2. Maintaining the active status of affiliations and accreditation with American and internationally recognized school accreditation associations.

  3. Striving to be effective members of the Global Community.

  4. Preparing students to be creative innovators and responsible entrepreneurs.

  5. Respecting the diversity of the school community.

We will be fully trusted locally for:

  1. Complying with all legislation and operational requirements set for licensed private international schools in Dubai.

  2. Being a valued member of the local community.

  3. Building constructive and effective partnerships with all stakeholders.

  4. Delivering holistic education services to all students.

  5. Preparing students for prestigious higher education opportunities and securing admissions to colleges and universities worldwide.

  6. Supporting our teachers and staff members with adequate professional development opportunities.

  7. Preserving the UAE local identity and culture throughout all school practices and policies.

  8. Considering the multilingual nature of the school community at most where almost all students are English Language Learners.

School Values








School Motto

We are recognized because we SHARE. We are trusted because we CARE


School Beliefs

We value:

International Mindedness:

  • Creating more successful citizens in a global context by offering education that promotes mutual understanding and respect.

  • Being involved and responsible in local community initiatives, and aware of international concerns.



  • Developing ideas and thinking skills to stimulate creativity, resourcefulness, and problem-solving.


Team Work:

  • Raising successful achievers as individuals and effective members of multicultural teams.

  • Developing leadership qualities and team management skills.


  • Always doing what is right.



  • Respecting the nationality, race, gender, and color of others.


Right to learn and Freedom of Choice:

  • Providing all children with the right to access education and learn based on their abilities, preferences, and choices

  • Providing students with appropriate guidance and support based on their individual needs and abilities to enable them to achieve their full potential



  • Ensuring access to learning experiences that promote a sense of belonging as well as challenging levels of academic and social engagement.



  • Empowering various abilities in disabilities

  • Empowering Education with Love, Innovation, and Technology


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