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Student Transportation

Protocols for Safe Transport:

  • The bus will adhere to 50% capacity for students of each vehicle while meeting 1.5-meter physical distancing objectives.

  • A seating plan will be based on the maximum capacity determined above, and develop a plan for bus routes that accommodate the capacity limitations. Mark or block seats that must be left vacant.

  • Students will sit from the rear of the bus forward to prevent students from walking past each other.

  • In the afternoon the bus will be boarded based on the order in which students will be dropped off. (Students who get off first should board last and sit in the front.)

  • All students and staff are required to wear face masks at bus stops and on buses.

  • Allocate one seat for isolating suspected COVID-19 cases. The isolation seat will be the first seat next to the drivers with a T-plastic isolation curtain.

  • The bus will be sanitized after each use.

  • All bus attendants should wear special disposable outfits and dispose of them before they are thoroughly sanitized and return to the classroom as TAs.

  • Daily record keeping will be maintained, and all bus riders and absentees will be reported to the school administration. Live to capture will be enabled on all buses.

  • Bus drivers and assistants will be tested weekly for COVID-19.

  • Students will be actively screened prior to entering the bus.

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Screening & Monitoring:

  • All students and staff should wear masks at bus stops and on buses. Students, staff, and parents must be mindful of physical distancing during loading and unloading.

  • Active screening for COVID-19 symptoms will occur daily in the morning and afternoon prior to entering the bus. The screening measures are consistent with public health guidance, which includes visual wellness checks and temperature checks with thermal cameras.

  • During pickups, students should be escorted by an authorized adult so they can safely return home in the event they are not eligible to board the bus for being COVID-19 symptomatic.

  • If a student begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while on the bus, he or she will be immediately isolated in the designated isolation corner separated by cubicle curtains.

  • The bus attendants will immediately inform the H&S officer who will then inform parents/guardians. If it is a drop-off trip, the suspected child needs to be dropped off first. If it is a morning trip, the child needs to be sent home following the protocols for suspected COVID-19 cases.

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