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Principal's Message

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Dear Students, Parents, Colleagues and Community Partners,

I would like to welcome you all to the official website of Sharjah American International School-Dubai Branch (SAISD).

SAISD is an environment where dedicated educators in partnership with parents and other stakeholders work collaboratively to support and challenge our students to become more successful, innovative individuals and effective team players.

SAISD offers an American curriculum based on well-defined and internationally recognized American Education Standards while integrating relevant and meaningful international benchmarking and enrichment programs to guide curriculum, instruction, assessment, and extracurricular programs.

We fully consider SAISD as a dynamic and interactive learning community, not only for students but to all members of the SAIS-D community. Life-long learning is a keystone in SAIS’s Guiding Statement and it is significantly practiced throughout the school’s programs, events, and activities.

Our vision at SAISD is to be internationally recognized and locally trusted, we strive to establish and maintain a community that inspires the passion for learning, where students dare to embark on challenging journeys to achieve their visions or to explore possible opportunities as innovators or future entrepreneurs.

SAISD community embraces and nurtures its cultural diversity and multiculturalism. We are proud to have a diversified learning community where all members work together in harmony, collaboration and respect to achieve their common goals and support each other’s needs.

SAISD has a strong record of success and achievements which are widely recognized for preparing young men and women for opportunities and careers that are yet to come. SAISD has an impressive record of graduates attending leading colleges and universities both locally and internationally.

While we emphasize a rigorous academic course of study, we recognize and appreciate the value in nurturing the unique interests, talents, and skills of our students through our academic and enrichment programs. The richness of our curriculum, the dedication of our faculty, and the achievements of our students are significant evidences of our distinction as one of the finest American-Curriculum private schools in Dubai. With active parent engagement, strong community connections, SAISD serves as a model for holistic excellence.

As SAISD offers a holistic education and student services focused on academic progress, social development and self-reliance, it also encourages the students to engage themselves in school events, activities and competitions, and become more active members of the broader school community.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all SAISD website visitors who are keen to know more about our school community and services. We hope that the available information will help all visitors developing a comprehensive understanding of the school’s quality services.

Best Regards Sincerely,

Mohammed Sultan

Principal of SAIS-Dubai

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