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SAISD Libraries


The school library is a staff and students' Learning Centre that facilitates the users’ access to a variety of age-appropriate reading resources including books, magazines, periodicals, and e-books. An electronic library management system is used to manage the daily operations of the school library and enable students and staff members access to all available resources.


How many libraries do we have and where are they located?

SAIS-D has two libraries. A central library is located on the second floor, and a smaller library is in the KG section.


What do our libraries have?

Our school libraries have a variety of selected books on a variety of topics and subjects. All resources are classified in a reasonable and user-friendly order. Our school libraries also keep magazines, Periodicals and newspapers which are kept on the reading tables for our students to explore.


What is the true function of a school library?

Our school libraries function as a driving tool to develop and enhance the practice of reading amongst all community members. All users can use the resources available in the library to support their explorations and researches.


How are books arranged in the library, and what classifying system does the library use?

The library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification system (DDC). The DDC system organizes information into 10 broad areas, which are broken into smaller topics.


Different topics are assigned numbers known as *call number*

This is the (DCC) main list:

* 000-99 General knowledge

* 100-199 Psychology and philosophy

* 200-299 Religion and Mythology

* 300-399 Social science

* 400-499 Languages

* 500-599 Math and Science

* 600-699 Medicine and Technology

* 700-799 Arts

* 800-899 Literature

* 900-999 Geography and History


Who can guide visitors to the school libraries?

The school Librarian can provide users with all required support and guidance


Who selects the materials of the libraries?

The librarian, teachers, and head of departments share the responsibility of selecting the library resources


What can a student do if he/she needs a book that is not available in the school library?

Students can inform the librarian about the book title and fill the (please I need this book) slip, then submit it to the librarian to discuss with the administration and request it if it is found to be age-appropriate, useful and necessary for the student with other available alternatives in the school library


How do we use the library?

The school librarian has kept a record of the library books and resources. Books have been classified according to their subjects. Students can manually search the library collection by using subject headings or can use the library management system. Signs of library sections are posted on the shelves in the library to guide students to what they want to find.

Students are allowed to browse the library for a book of their choice or ask for the help of the librarian. 
Electronic Database systems and online library catalogs (Researcher) are available in the library, students can find their required books or topics easily by searching the library system.

Online resources are available in the school libraries.


Can students borrow from the library?

Students can borrow books from the library for 7 days and they should return the book in a good condition, in case of losing or damaging the book, the student will be charged the price of the book or will be asked to replace the book with a new one.


What are the working hours of our school libraries?

The working hours of school libraries are from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday.


What are the “Library Rules“?

- Listen to the librarian.

- Be respectful of others.

- Read quietly.

- Always walk, never run.

- Respect the books, keep them in good condition Library is not the right place to eat and drink.

- Ask for assistance and guidance whenever you need it.

Library Policy
Library Classifications (DDC)

Library Online Classes 

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