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SAIS-Dubai Student Congress


SAIS Student Congress aims to enhance communication among Student Leadership Associations by implementing innovative routes for SAIS Leadership Associations to take on their tasks to achieve their set agendas.



Our Vision is to contribute towards the Wellbeing of the Student Community and to ensure that the Student Voice is heard across all levels of hierarchy in the school, as well as to showcase the true colors of teamwork and integrity within SAIS through the Congress.


Let’s make SAIS great again

The Congress is going to be spreading its roots for the first time at SAIS-Dubai looking forward to working in coordination with the SGA and addressing areas in need of improvement within the SGA and other Student Leadership Associations to enhance the student life at SAIS. The Student Congress is an implementation of the U.S. Congress System, that tries to bridge the gaps between the SGA, Emirati Union, and the students.

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