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Wellbeing & SEL Program


One of the main goals of SAIS Dubai has always been ensuring the wellbeing of students and staff. This goal has become more significant during these unprecedented and difficult times. SAIS Dubai is committed to providing academic, mental, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing for all students and staff.

SAIS Dubai cares about the wellbeing and happiness of all stakeholders. Our happiness committee will be more proactive than ever before to guarantee wellbeing and happiness for all by organizing virtual events, training sessions, and awareness campaigns to address students' and staff's wellbeing.

Those (both students and staff) who have had traumatic experiences will be identified and will be provided with adequate counseling sessions and emotional support by our social workers/guidance counselors so they can recover from their post-traumatic experiences more speedily and smoothly and regain their wellbeing.


Social and Emotional Learning Program (SEL)

Starting in September, SAIS Dubai will implement a comprehensive K-12 social-emotional learning program by training the teachers to integrate the K-12 SEL curriculum into their classroom instruction.

The curriculum is already outlined and mapped in the ATLAS curriculum management system and teachers have access to all the resources to familiarize themselves with the SEL competencies and be well prepared for the successful school-wide implementation, which will be monitored by the guidance counselor, curriculum coordinator, teaching and learning coordinator, and the pastoral team.

Teachers monitor, assess, and evaluate the social and emotional well-being of all students and make referrals to counselors when concerns arise.


Wellbeing Matters enables a shared understanding of wellbeing improvement, creating a culture of collaboration and engagement that brings wellbeing closer to the heart of our school community.

Kindly, click on the following link to access: Wellbeing Matters: A guiding framework for the monitoring and improvement of well-being in Dubai private schools from KHDA:

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