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SAIS-Dubai Emirati Union

What is the Emirati Union (EU)

The Emirati Union is an organization at Sharjah American International School - Dubai, that aims at promoting Emirati values, traditions, and culture. The Union even aspires and endeavors to uphold its integrity among the youth. It consists of The Head Of The Emirati Union, two Executive Vice-Chairpersons, seven Chiefs, and temporary volunteer members from Grades 9 to 12.

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What is the purpose of EU

The Emirati Union is an opportunity for Emiratis to engage in team spirit, student experience, and community service, where each team member will be assigned a specific task and work on it.

This Union is aimed to help improve school functions, programs, and plans, as well as the school community.

It demonstrates team spirit through collaboration with other student leaders and ensuring that Emirati students can incorporate their cultural heritage into school programs.


Our main mission is to strengthen the school community; develop communication skills within the student community, and embrace Emirati culture via activities and events


Our vision is to represent our country and its culture in a manner that makes it appealing to students of diverse nationalities. Furthermore, we strive to leave a legacy behind by bringing the student community together


​"We aspire, then we strive and succeed"


Communication, Teamwork, Integrity, and Responsibility

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