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SAIS-Dubai Student Government


To represent the interests of the student body through initiatives, programs, and services that enrich students’ lives.



We strive to be the Standard – to be the premier student government in the nation.

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  • We want students to value us because we identify and satisfy current student needs and wants

  • We want the administration to actively seek our input regarding issues that matter to students

  • We aspire to create new ideas that are fresh and forward-thinking

  • We will always be a government by and for the students


  • Cooperation

  • Integrity

  • Dedication

  • Enthusiasm

  • Communication

Roles & Positions


*  President and Prime Minister

Candidates from 12th and 11th grade will run together to be elected by high school students to be the bridge between them and management.

*  Deputy Prime Minister

Candidates from 10th grade will run individually to be elected by high school students to assist the President and Prime Minister.

*  Ministers

  • Presidential Affairs
  • Interior

  • Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

  • Culture and Knowledge Development

  • Tolerance

  • Cabinet Affairs and The Future

  • Economy

  • Health and Prevention

  • Youth and Sports Education

  • Community Development

  • Climate Change and Environment

  • Financial Affairs

  • Higher Education

  • Happiness

Criteria & Process

*  Candidate Criteria

  • Application forms of students wishing to run should be submitted to supervisors.

  • Students should have an overall average of B+ (85)

  • Students should display overall positive behavior and good conduct

*  Election Procedure

  • Each student seeking votes should have a campaign/ an agenda/ structure of the campaign.

  • Speeches will be made and presented to students on a date to be announced.

  • Forms will be distributed, voting will take place & winners will be announced. (Ballots to be managed strictly by staff members)

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