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School Supplies & Uniform

School Supplies:

Families can purchase school supplies through the school book store at discounted prices due to the School's ability to bulk order. Parents are also able to purchase supplies outside of the school if they wish.

A booklist is provided each year, covering all of the necessary equipment for the academic year. Students who wish to replace finished items can purchase from the bookstore.


School Uniform:

SAISD students' uniform is worn by all students KG1 - 12. Student uniforms support our learning-focused environment and promote the school’s core values of compassion, excellence, integrity, respect, and responsibility.

As a school located in the United Arab Emirates, the uniform is designed to respect the host country's culture and promote respect and responsibility for self.

SAISD uniform garments are aligned with division dress code policies.

SAISD has two official uniforms; the daily school uniform & the PE uniform whenever students have PE.

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