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Student Support Services

EAL Program

At SAIS-Abu Dhabi we utilize the WIDA screener as a benchmark to identify a student’s English proficiency skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Utilizing this benchmark, we are able to identify students within the school who need additional foundational English support before they are able to function in the mainstream English class.

Through the hard work of talented and highly qualified teachers, EAL students are provided support with our EAL Program which allows teachers to provide smaller teacher: student ratios and provide even further differentiated support to students to help them achieve proficiency in their English skills that will help them to achieve success in their mainstream classes.


Inclusion Team

At SAIS-AUH we are committed to fair and equal treatment of all individuals regardless of ability. We pride ourselves on inclusive education and all students will be provided with appropriate learning activities, learning environments, and materials to meet their general education, in age-appropriate classrooms. The school recognizes that special considerations may be required to enable students with determination or students who are gifted and talented to exhibit their capabilities and knowledge. Our 'Inclusion Team' brings together a wealth of experience and specialist training to support the needs of children at SAIS. Team members work together with all members of the school community to overcome barriers to learning thereby maximizing opportunities for success.

For further question and support please contact:

Ms. Hiba Ali, email address:

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