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School Expectations

Health & Safety

The health and safety of students and staff is the top priority when making the decision to physically reopen the school campus for use by students, staff, and others. We will work in collaboration with government authorities and closely follow the guidance, decisions, directions, and mandates of concerned agencies/authorities including KHDA, MOE, DHA, DM, and RTA. Our health and safety committee led by the designated H&S officer, Mr. Bachir Zarzou, will ensure all health and safety measures will be taken effectively.

Personal Protective Equipment:

All staff, students, and visitors who are 6 years of age and above (grades 1-12) should wear effective masks while at school or on a bus.

Face masks can be replaced with face shields provided that there is an official and approved medical reason.

Students and staff are encouraged to wear their face shields during PE and mealtime although they can remove them.

Wearing a face shield or transparent mask is recommended during the instruction of concepts that necessitate students’ seeing the teachers’ facial expressions, like the instruction of phonological concepts.

Wearing gloves is also strongly recommended.


Social Distancing:


Parents and visitors should schedule an appointment and should not enter the school building without an appointment.

Late arrival and early departure is not exceptionable and will not be tolerated due to our strict safety and health protocols.

All students, staff and visitors will practice social distancing by staying at least 2 meters from other people.

Maintaining physical distance in all school spaces is compulsory.

All classrooms and buses will have a seating map and a maximum capacity of 50%.

All students and teachers will have to adhere to the designated seating plan and specified maximum capacity.

During the class time, no one is allowed to enter classes except the students and the teacher.

If a student needs to exit the classroom to attend the nurse station, reception area, toilet or any other place in school, a member of the pastoral team will escort the student.

Staggering breaks throughout the day will ensure crowds are avoided and physical distance is maintained.

Personal Hygiene:

There will be sterilization tunnels at all entrances to ensure safe campus entry. There will be a different entry procedure for extremely allergic and asthmatic cases.

Additional handwashing stations are available to ensure frequent handwashing opportunities for students and staff to meet handwashing frequency guidance,

Sanitizer dispensers will be installed in every room,

Hygiene signage is posted to encourage proper hygiene practices.


Shared Resources:

Digitized textbooks and materials will be provided to minimize the use of print resources.

Proper furniture will be used in classrooms to ensure that students have individual workspaces.

The desk will be sanitized after each use.

Classroom lab equipment and PE equipment will be used individually and sanitized after each use.

Food Services:

Physical interaction during meal preparation and meal service will be ensured through serving meals in the classroom.

Meals will be ordered in advance by students and served in sealed packaging.


The use of shared tables, food, and condiments has been suspended.

Food delivery and ordering from restaurants are not allowed by students, parents, staff, teachers, and visitors.

Students, teachers, and staff will maintain 2 meters will eating.

It is recommended that everyone wears face shields while eating.

The cleaning staff will effectively remove trash and disinfect classroom surfaces after the lunch break.

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